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Hi all,

I've got a question regarding fan speed and RPM on a system where ambient temps are low due to most components being water-cooled.

I'm running a 7700k with a CoolerMaster pro 240mm radiator/2 x 120mm fans for the CPU and Gigabyte Waterforce 1080s with a 120mm radiator/fan for each.

Like I said above ambient temps for the case and other components are generally low, maybe 5 degrees or so (Celcius) above room temp, however CPU/GPU temps are maybe 55-60 degrees under load for GPU and my CPU hits around 80-85 degrees when stress testing.

When either CPU or GPU's are under load I see little to no difference in fan RPM, I've got the waterblock for CPU in the water pump header and fans daisy chained to the CPU header and both GPU fans just into sys fan headers, all set to PWM.

Any ideas and/or suggestions? I'd assume the CPU in particular being that hot under load I'd hear the fans spin up but they don't seem to change, can't really even feel anything leaving the case (CPU radiator/fans are mounted to top of he case in a push config).

Room temp is generally around 32-34 degrees Celcius.

Sorry for wall of text,

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Depending on your motherboard and your settings, chances are the fans are either being controlled by preset fan profiles (check your bios) or entirely by your motherboard sensors. If your motherboard sensors are reading low temps then your CPU/GPU could be on fire and the case fans wouldn't kick in.

    I'd be more concerned that you're hitting 85c on a full load with your cooling setup. What program are you using to stress test?
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  2. Yeah fair call, I'll check out the profiles. That makes the most sense.

    I'm using Intel burn test at either high or max stress with a 4.8ghz overclock.
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  3. Oh! Well those temps make a lot more sense now.

    Yeah check your profiles and see what it's using. Chances are it's on a profile curve with the fans not stepping up till around 40c or so. Which, if your MB temps never get that high up since you're out puting all the hot air through the radiators, is why you're likely not hearing them ramp up as your CPU/GPU temps increase.
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