Sudden Low FPS, meeting system requirements

First time posting but I'm hoping for some advice on now-consistent low fps I've been encountering even where I meet system requirements - I'm getting around 40-50fps at high settings, 30s at ultra, and really feel like my system should be performing better than this.

What's bizarre is that last week I saw as high as 80-90fps on high in the same games, no idea what could be causing that change.

Specs are:

Intel Core i7‑4790K 4 GHz

Geforce GTX 970

16G ram

Corsair CX Series 600 Watt power supply

ASRock Z97M motherboard

Windows 7

I've unparked CPU cores and ensured that my NVIDIA settings are set to prefer maximum performance over optimal power, and temperatures aren't exceeding 60 C

I'm a little desperate and would greatly appreciate any theories here.. I built the PC but am not intricately familiar with troubleshooting hardware so let me know if I can provide any more info

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