Maximus VIII Hero Flashback Solid Blue Light

I need to flashback my motherboard to the most recent Asus BIOS update which is update 3504 for my I7-7700k Kaby Lake to be compatible with the motherboard. I have tried over and over but to no avail.
1. I downloaded the most recent BIOS update from Asus along with their renaming tool
2. I put both the renamer and the BIOS update into a folder on the desktop
3. Executed the renamer and it renamed the file to the correct name, M8H.CAP
4. I then plugged my in my PNY 32 gig USB drive into the laptop
5. I formatted the USB drive to fat32
6. Placed the renamed BIOS update file into the root directory of the USB
7. Safely removed the USB
8. Placed the USB into the designated flashback USB port
9. Powered on the power supply and the power supply only
10. Held down the flashback button for about 3 seconds until it started flashing
11. Flashed a few times then turned to a solid blue light that doesn't go away

I have done everything by the book and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is my USB bad? Do I need to try different USB drives?
The update the BIOS the motherboard came with was version 2202(incompatible with my I7-7700k Kaby Lake CPU) Thanks in advance
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  1. Are you sure your giving it enough time? It can take a while.
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  2. Are you downloading BIOS Version 3504 - 2017/08/1 - 88.2 MBytes?

    The first listing under BIOS updates is not a BIOS file, but a "MEUpdateTool" - 2017/11/22 - 3.71 MBytes.
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