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I don't know very much about computers, I'm just looking for a pre-built computer that would be able to run most modern games at high or max settings. My budget is $1000. Thanks!
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  1. I would build your own, otherwise you'll get lesser capable hardware due to having to pay them to build it. It kinda depends on whether you need everything though. Do you have a copy of Windows you can use, or any peripherals (keyboard, mouse, display)?

    If you only need the main tower (Case, MB, CPU, RAM, GPU, PSU, HDD), $1000 would get you a pretty decent setup.

    There are some good PC building tutorial videos that also cover OS and driver installs. These things are actually easier than operating and maintaining a PC anymore. Everything is very plug n play now.


    OS & Drivers

    If you're OK with plugging a mere 7 parts together that use plugs and sockets that only fit one way, I'll give you a parts suggestion list. I'm sure others here would be willing to chime in as well. It's not as hard as you might think.
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  2. Here's something with some good specs. Don't know if you'll get to play on Max settings but....
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