Is this a good case?

I’m running a 7700k, be quite shadow rock slim, Strix 1070, strix z270e motherboard, looking for a case to show off my build, but also has good cooling, I’m thinking the 570x, I would prefer it to come with intake fans but it’s not a need. Any priemum case suggestions ?
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  1. premium? yes that is easy go with the BE QUIET series of the case i personally have the dark base pro 900 from BE QUIET and quality is just amazing
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  2. The dark base pro 900 is huge. I think the dark base pro 700 is suitable for you.

    But if you want to show off ur build, then a 3 side tempered glass case is the way to go.
    You got the lian li Alpha series, coolermaster c700p.
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