Faulty SATA card or motherboard?

I'm really quite perplexed....been trying to solve this problem for over a fortnight now, was convinced I had a faulty sata card, so just replaced that today....now things seem to be worse :-(

The initial problem was that the alarm kept firing off on my rocketraid 4 port sata card....kept losing one of the drives! Forcing me to reboot quickly....also discovered that one of my hard drives had a very slightly damaged power connector. That drive has now been removed and the 4 port sata card replaced....but system is now extremely slow. New driver installed for the new card. I've also run the Trim programme on the SSD....but it is still very slow to boot up/ shut down and when I'm transferring files between drives I'm only getting about 2 mbps....the card says it can handle up to 1.5gbps!

Seems only to be doing in Windows XP64, Windows 7 and Xubuntu seem to be running how they should....

Can anybody think of anything that I haven't tried already?
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  1. just been defragging my drives, or trying to...keeps crashing/ locking up the machine :-( I don't think it's XP64 that is the problem
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  2. just defragged my drives in windows 7, no crashing- so might be a xp problem? just can't get my head around it.... :-(
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  3. s'ok...i figured it out :-( seems i got a lot of hard drives dying :-( all at once for no apparent reason, health on all of them still 100%...but performance has dropped by a few percent....pulled these drives and everything else working as it should again.....so here's the question...what could have caused four 2tb hard drives to fail so quickly within few days of each other like that? and it's not like they're really failed...just performace dropped a bit....could my failing sata card, if it really is failing, have caused that?
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