Csgo poor fps

When i got my new pc, csgo ran at 300 fps but now it only runs at max 200 fps, it really messes with my aim.
Spec list:
Gtx 1060 3gb zotac amp core edition
Toshiba HDD 1TB
8gb crucial ddr4 2400mhz ram
Chieftec i-arena 700w psu
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  1. its seems to me that you have messed up game config
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  2. Oh, so i have to make a new config? And maybe even reinstall the game?.
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  3. if you don't know where your config is then do a clean install of the game when you delete everything of that game
    BUT first try to type this command in the game when you in

    fps_max 0

    if that dont work try put

    fps_max 300

    if that dont work then clean new install of the game
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