QWERTZ laid-out Blackwidow.

Got a little riddle to solve. I just bought a BlackWidow Chroma and it was a bargain, the only catch being a swiss QWERTZ keys layout. Since i live in Poland, i'd be much more comfortable using the standarized US QWERTY layout. Is there any place i can get some cheapo replacement keycaps? What about the additional key near the shorter, left shift? The US model has 10 keys in the bottom row while the swiss one has 11.
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  1. This should help you out,
    link: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/230353-ultimate-keycap-replacement-guide/

    On that topic, there's a video on how to change keycaps on KBs that use Cherry MX and similar switches and also plenty of store links from where to buy the replacement keycaps.
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