Win10 doesn't boot after restart

I have an Asus R510VX with a 1TB HDD. I had to replace it's screen so last week when I travelled home, I took it to a laptop service, and also bought a 120 GB SSD. The optical drive was removed, replaced with my HDD in a Caddy, and the SSD went into the first storage slot. I couldn't install windows10 from usb, BIOS didn't see the HDD, and windows10 kept freezing on the loading screen I took it back, asked them to install it for me and everything was fine. I came back to abroad, and after a few hours of nornal use, I restarted the laptop. Now I am at the same issue I had before they installed win10. BIOS doesn't see the HDD, SSD is visible but windows doesn't boot(insert or select boot device).
A tech-savy friend told me that the windows7 I had on the HDD was formatted with the wrong format, tho I haven't experienced much issues with it. Since I had a broken screen, i used the laptop with the TV through HDMI.
Also the service guys updated my BIOS ( i suspected the old BIOS being the problem the first time.) Might not be the issue but maybe worth the mention.
It is a bit inconvenient now, as I don't have tools to disassemble the laptop to remove storage and try until tomorrow morning, and I also don't have a way to make a w10 usb until I can get either of the windows boot up. I am not overclocking.
Since I have no idea what the issue might be, and the past hours of research didn't give a clear answer, or nothing that I could do now, I thought of asking about it here.
Did anyone encounter the same or similar issue, or know a solution that could help me?
Thank you in advance
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