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I have an older CyberpowerPC Desktop that I bought in 2011. It's a solid little starter gaming PC but needless to say, it is quite old. For Christmas, I would like to surprise my boyfriend by re-vamping it a little so he can play Overwatch and WoW on Ultra settings.
As I understand, these games are not very demanding on a PC but like I said, ultra setting would be preferred. By the specs below, could one tell me which specific components i will need to replace/update for this to be obtainable?

Gamer Xtreme 1321 (GX1321)

Quick Info
Type: Gaming & Entertainment
Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3 GHz

Processor Main Features: 64 bit Quad-Core Processor
Cache Per Processor: 6MB L3 Cache
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 1TB
Optical Drive: 24x DVD±R/±RW
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB
Audio: Sound card - Integrated
Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet
Power Supply: 600W
Keyboard: Xtreme Gear USB Keyboard
Mouse: Xtreme Gear USB Mouse:
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Special Features: Apevia X-Trooper Jr Gaming Case

Motherboard Chipset: Intel H61

CPU Type: Intel Core i5
CPU Speed: 2500K (3.30 GHz)
L3 Cache Per CPU: 6 MB

GPU/VGA Type: AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB

Memory Capacity: 8 GB DDR3
Memory Speed: DDR3 1333
Memory Spec: 4 GB x 2
Memory Slot (Total): 2

HDD Interface: SATA II
HDD RPM: 7200rpm

Optical Drive
Optical Drive Type: DVD±RW
Optical Drive Spec: 24x DVD±R/±RW DUAL LAYER DRIVE

Audio Channels: 7.1 Ch Audio

LAN Chipset: Integrated
LAN Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps

Front Panel Ports
Front USB: 2
Front Audio Ports: 2

Back Panel Ports
PS/2: 1
Video Ports: VGA, DVI
Rear USB: 6
RJ45: 1 port
Rear Audio Ports: 3 ports

PCI Slots (Available/Total): 1x PCI-e x16
2x PCI-e x1
1 x PCI

Mouse Type: USB Mouse
Keyboard Type: USB Keyboard

Any and all information is highly welcomed. Thank you!
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  1. Overwatch Recommended Requirements

    CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X3, 2.8 GHz
    CPU SPEED: Info
    RAM: 6 GB
    OS: Windows Vista/7/ 8/10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
    VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7950

    World of Warcraft Recommended Requirements

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3330, AMD™ FX-6300, or better
    CPU SPEED: Info
    RAM: 4 GB
    OS: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
    VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti or AMD™ Radeon™ R7 260X or better


    Your processor is still pretty decent. But you are on a h61 chipset, so you cannot overclock it. The shortest way to get pretty good performance enhancement is to get a good GPU like the gtx1050ti and play those games at medium to high settings...

    But if you want ultra consistently, you might have to change a lot of components.
    > Switch to z77 platform and get a decent aft cooler to overclock the chip to 4ghz.
    > Get a 10603gb card.
    > Switch the PSU depending on the quality.
    > Throw in a SSD maybe.
    At this point its better to build a completely new pc from scratch.
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  2. I would say go for the GTX1060 3GB for now. That will probably achieve the results you are after. The rest of the PC can be upgraded later and you can re-use the GPU.

    I should add, that the new GPU will make the game look nicer, potentially higher resolutions and certainly higher settings. The CPU will offer the same minimum frame rates in raids or dungeons, but maximum potential FPS will increase. (And the overworld in a major town struggles on pretty much all but the fastest PCs.)
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    A proper power supply and a graphics card are all that is really needed. Cyberpower tends to use low quality power supplies, that can take your system with it, when they die. A GTX 1060 will work, but the new expansion coming will probably bump the requirements up again, so I would say a 1070, if you can afford to. Otherwise the 1060 6gb.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    Video Card: Zotac - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Mini Video Card ($409.99 @ Amazon)
    Power Supply: SeaSonic - EVO Edition 620W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($65.98 @ Newegg)
    Total: $475.97
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-12-07 11:11 EST-0500

    Either way, 1080p ultra is obtainable, with shadows on low and view distance set to 7.
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  4. Thank you for all of your wonderful answers. This has been officially solved!!! And I learned something in the process. You guys rock!!
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