Ryzen 1500X and GTX 1060 6GB - Will they run games well?

I understand a Ryzen 5 1500X and GTX 1060 6GB will run well but I want to know how well? I recently bought the Ryzen 1500X and GTX 1060 to use in my build. I also bought 16 GB of DDR4 memory (I can't remember the speed).

What I would like to know will the PC be able to run the following:

Everything is at 1080p
GTAV - Very High to Ultra at 60FPS
Battlefield 1 - Ultra at 60FPS
Minecraft - With all settings cranked up at 60FPS
Minecraft - With all settings cranked up with shaders at 60FPS
Cities Skylines - Very high to Ultra at 60FPS

Non performance questions
So I heard that if you want to play GTAV with mods you can't actually easily switch from online to story mode. Does anyone have any efficient way to switch between them without having to move my mods folder everytime or should I just create a second folder with GTAV in it that has no mods?
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  1. well i am runnin the Asus Strix GTX 1060@6GB with 4670KCPu
    and as for gta i have stable constant 60FPS highest settings
    and in cities skylines when my city reach more then 100K it starts to lag because of CPU
    for GTA V mods i dont know now but when i used mods previosly the OPEN iV works perfectly
    there is option to enable mods which create a seperate dir in which you can use the mods for Single player but when you play online it urn them off
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