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This is old news, but Xbox and windows 10 came together. What I was wondering was that which platform is better for gaming taking all aspects into account. For the sake of argument, I would be gaming on a budget-mid tier Desktop.
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  1. PC always has the ability to be better, when you spend a bit more. Even a budget-mid tier Desktop will cost you twice as much as an xbox.

    Consoles are a better gaming option in regard to value for money if you're ONLY playing games. A PC that will give the same performance as an XBOX will cost more than an XBOX. But you're not limited to just games with a PC

    Lastly, the optimization for xbox games is going to better than that on a PC for the same cost too.
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    There are millions of advantages and disadvantages to both platforms. But one that is missed by a lot of people is the cost of games. PC games are cheaper than console games. Steam has a different sell every week and their seasonal sales give you some good bargains. I rarely pay full price for a game unless it is one that just released and I am excited about (cough, cough Battlefront 2, cough).
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  3. I guess I didnt throw this out there. I would be using the Pc for some YouTube videos and a bit of multitasking (with the exception of games, of course). This is not solely a gaming build. It’s an all around unit with the focus on games.
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  4. I would suggest you use Steam since it has more games of the three options and you should also look at GOG. If you have an Xbox One than you can play some games on both your pc and Xbox.
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  5. *facepalm* I meant the Xbox app in windows. It’s the Xbox app vs Steam. I am not planning on getting a console. You know how Xbox games can now be played on pc? Anyways, the selected post had the correct and needed info. Thanks anyways.
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