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Hi,i recently got new pc specs.
GTX 1050 Ti Strix OC,fx 8350,power supply 750w,16 gbs of ram,great cooler for cpu and gigabyte motherboard,but for some reason although Pc specs are good,it still takes a lot of time to boot up and enter apps.Photoshop lags like crazy and im graphic designer so i need to work flawlesly.Also games arent that good too,fps drops a lot and games stutter,every game.I dont know what to do,anybody that can help me?
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  1. If you are booting off a hard drive, upgrade to a SSD.

    Use autoruns to check what is loading with your system. It is part of the free sysinternals toolset from Microsoft.
    Also empty your %temp% and %windir%\temp folders.
    when gaming you need to be certain you have nothing running in the background. Your graphics card is "ok", but your CPU is a bit old and slow and programs which need not be running, should not be running.
    Try to be selective in what options you have turned on in the game. For example, keep anti-aliasing to 2x or try it with it off.
    Finally you can try to boost the speed of your graphics card by increasing the overclocking the graphics card slightly.
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  2. Thank you,i will try that for sure,i was planning on upgrading cpu anyway in the upcoming 2018.
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