Boot problems due to overclock?

So I recently overlooked my fx 6300 with an after market air cooler to 4 ghz and it was very stable the temperatures where on the high 50s and sometimes low 60s, also my ram was overclocked to 1600 from 1333.
Well my system was running pretty good until I was using Linux which is installed on a partition and left to go to my lecture. After I came home my computer was on sleep mode(as usual) but it would not wake up, I tried restarting but it would not display anything but I could hear the Ubuntu start up sound also the Leds on my keyboard would flash when I pressed a key same with my mouse and the dpi switch. I looked up for a solution and I had to reset my cmos which worked but now when I log in to Linux I can't use my mouse and keyboard but on windows I can. I'm guessing it's a software issue (corruprted files on my distro or something) but can it be caused from hardware? At I'm using a cheap gt 710 because my gpu got toasted and I need my computer so i don't think it's a power issue as well also I have a 650watt psu. Have any of you experienced something similar, also can anyone understand the problem? Is it because of the overclock?
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  1. When something works in one OS but not in other than you can blame only OS and in most cases drivers.
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