FSP50060HHN PSU vs Cougar STX 550 PSU


I have these two PSU's. I currently have the FSP in my PC and the PSU is now a year old. I have just bought a new Cougar STX 550w and I need to decided which one to keep and which one to put in another build for someone else.

My system is:
Ryzen 1600
ASrock AB350M
1060 6GB

This is the side of the FSP group (sorry bit blurred):


These are the specs for the Cougar STX:

The FSP has never missed a beat in the year I have owned it but there is no warranty as I bought it 2nd hand. I am leaning towards the Cougar because it's new and comes with a two year warranty.
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    Stick with the FSP , the Cougar STX lineup is made by HEC , not good in terms of power supply quality.
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  2. Hi.

    Good shout.

    I don't know if you have heard of Zoostorm (it's a British brand)? They make pre-built PC's. Well this PSU came from one of those builds. I bought it off a mate for a good price, kept the PSU, 1060 6GB etc. and sold the RAM, mobo and i5 cpu. Well anyway these Zoostorm PC's come with a 3 year warranty (if you don't break them up haha), so I presume Zoostorm specified a fairly decent PSU from FSP for these builds.

    I think I will keep the FSP like you said. Also saves me from rummaging around in my PC unnecessarily.
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  3. Yes , FSP is used in plenty of pre-built machines , they are decent.
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