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Will installing windows on a new drive delete everything on it?

I am currently reinstalling windows.
My old windows was in a partition from my first hdd
Now i want to install it on another hdd, but will installing it there delete everything on it?
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  1. if you boot from the dvd or flash drive when you get to windows setup, delete all partitions first
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  2. Im installing from a dvd and the drive that i want to install it to doesnt have any partition
    Should i just go ahead and install it?
    Im afraid it will delete the drive
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  3. Well if it's brand new, then it's blank/empty. Just install windows on it
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  4. Im sorry but i forgot to mention that im actually reinstalling it and the second drive has a lot of important data
    Which is why im kinda afraid of installing it there
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  5. Unplug the other hdd if it's not the hdd youre installing windows on. Then install windows. Connect it after windows has been reinstalled
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