Frequent Hard disk failure with SMART error (3 HDD failed in past 3 years)

Frequent Hard disk failure. (3 hard disk failed in the past 3 years). My laptop has a serious issue. After a year, my hard disk fails with SMART ERROR. I am using Dell Vostro 3546 running windows 10 64bit. System diagnostics gives no errors when checked. All of a sudden everything happens: performance drops down, Browsers freeze and finally HDD dies. I even got my laptop serviced to remove the clogged dust thinking that there may be some issue with heating. Now when I check my system condition using Speccy, Hard disk temperature shows 45 degree celcius. And I hear minute grinding sound from laptop even when new HDD is inserted. So I really want your help to find out the thing failing my HDD.
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  1. Since you are having issues with drives, first thing I would think of is that it gets moved around a lot with the drive running and eventually they fail. Or they are in an area not good for computer equipment like some place very humid. Try using an SSD.
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  2. Following up on hang-the-9's excellent post -- are other people also using this computer?
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