SSD Failing To Initialise

I Dont know whats causing this or how to fix, its an old laptop, restored everything installed win 10 on one of the two ssd's but I noticed one of them wasnt in the displayed drives. Anyone know what would cause this?
Dont know if you can see the picture so heres a link

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  1. The screenshot you submitted indicates there's a 1 TB drive installed in the system but it's not shown in your DM screenshot. Did you include the ENTIRE schematic of DM?

    I can't tell whether that "uninitialized" drive notation in DM is another drive or something went awry with the way you set up your drives' configuration.

    You indicate this is an "old laptop". It had capability for accommodating more than one drive in the system? You definitely had two drives installed in the system? Certainly not three.
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  2. The laptop is an msi gt70, it has room for 3 ssd' s and one hdd. The unknown device is in fact another ssd along with the ssd that is already functional and the hdd that is already functional, not sure why bring up the hdd. All 3 ssd slots work as I've switched the functional ssd around to make sure they were all working, the one sad that isn't working can't detect the size of the drive either, it is being recognised in dm as a drive but no info about it is appearing.
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  3. I now vaguely recall this laptop model since it was rather unusually configured with this "super RAID" configuration and supported one or two other drives as I recollect. But I never worked with it. I honestly don't know what could be causing the problem you're experiencing since we're assuming all the involved drives are non-defective which I take it you've been assured of. I guess it's just a matter of you continuing to review the drives' configuration and hopefully come up with a solution.

    Perhaps another responder coming upon your query might have some advice. Good luck.
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