new graphic card / always turns pc off

Hey guys,I need help

so the problem is, i just bought a new graphic card after my old one died recently..(upgraded from GT 630 to AMD RX 560)..

the problem was i can't do any stuff at all with this new gpu like opening games or watch a video because pc will just turn off by itself..So i opened up the case to see whats wrong and i found out that the gpu fans stop spinning while other fan (cpu,psu,case) were fine.

I suspected it could be PSU does not have enough power so i bought a new one..But the problem still exist..someone help :S

Current specs:
CPU:FX 4100
PSU:Corsair CX650M (before it was GIGABYTE Hercules Pro 580)

Ps:also i noticed motherboard splash screen logo not showing at all(it was fine with my old gpu) ..instead its appear like some sort of weird pixelated lines

Thanks :) (sorry for horrible english)

UPDATE 1: Today i just found out i can watch vids and play games so i tried team fortress 2..and after couple of rounds, suddenly monitor lose signal to pc and gpu fan stop spinning while cpu, case fan, and psu fan were fine.

i am really confused between graphics card problem or motherboard problem because motherboard splash screen not showing up (check link above)
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  1. If you are getting issues in the BIOS with the card, most likely issues are the power supply or the video card is bad. You can rule some things out through, put in the old card and make sure you have the latest BIOS, also make sure you wipe all the old AMD drivers out, uninstall them and run DDU to clean things up. Then install the new card. If that still causes issues, try another power supply, test your card in another system. Did you already contact the video card vendor for support?
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  2. Thanks hang-the-9 for answering

    I'm pretty sure psu have no issue at all

    i did format pc today but same thing happened..

    can u paste the link of ddu here cause i didnt found it..

    yet if issue still persist I'll just buy another motherboard to replace this kinda old mboard(5years)..could be ze motherboard had enough wid me lmao

    Thanks! :)
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  3. How are you connecting it to the monitor? The new cards don't have analog signals(VGA), it's digital only(DVI/HDMI/Display Port). If your 560 requires a 6 pin connector make sure you connect it.
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  4. dontlistentome,

    my monitor got the hdmi connector so no problem and yes i did plug in 6pin into gpu
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