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I have a pc now but I plan to upgrade and I was wondering if I could take windows 10 from my pc now and bring it to the new pc. I think its none OEM, idk if I could put windows on a ssd and transferit and whip the hdd or what. Or would i have to completely buy new windows
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  1. first, you need your windows tied to your microsoft account -
    than you need a to clone the windows to SSD - this would be an example
    Than you move the SSD to the new computer and that is it
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  2. 1. if the new PC is completely different e.g. different mobo, proc, etc. I would not clone the OS. Fresh installation is thousand times better.
    2. If you have oem license, reactivation on new PC will not work as easy as that even if you have tied it to your microsoft account. It depends on in which country you live, you might have either to contact ms customer service to reactivate the windows or to buy new copy.
    3. regardless of the activation status, you can install windows on your new pc and activate it later e.g. buy a new license later.
    4. if your windows copy is not oem, you can simply tie it to your ms can simply install the the new pc with your windows copy and simply login using your ms is as easy as that to reactivate.
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