Computer is horribly under-performing.

I have recently got a new pc, and it seems to be running terribly given the components inside. I have all drivers upto date, i've done everything i can think of. Specs: GTX 960, memory: 16gb ddr3 RAM (Dual Channel) i5 760 clocked at 2.8GHz, windows 10 pro, etc. If more information is needed, let me know. The system is unable to run the oldest of titles such as, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft, etc.
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  1. I believe your cpu is bottlenecking the gpu. Compared to my Pentium G4560 in userbenchmark, your cpu is worse. Considering the Pentium G4560 and gtx 1050 Ti the “perfect budget combo”, you have a budget side cpu and relatively stronger gpu. That won’t go too well. Try a cpu upgrade or a gpu downgrade.
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  2. I5-760 is first generation 4 core cpu. what is your motherboard, I would suggest getting an upgrade to I7-xxx it will help but in reality this pc is very old and lackluster in power for gaming.

    you i5 is 4 core no hyper threading, the I7-870 would be 4 core +8 threads (same as the current G4560.)
    so the I7-870 can be had used for cheap on ebay and as you see below would have a little better performance than the current G4560 CPU, and not cost you hundreds of dollars to upgrade everything else in your system.
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  3. CS GO should run fine on a core 2 so the CPU is not a problem but it may have issues with windows 10. Are there games that do run fine?
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  4. After closer inspection, the game should run with your cpu-gpu combo after all...but I would recommend a cpu upgrade for the long run sooner or later (case related or not)
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  5. Check stress temps and post them here.
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