Which one is better for gaming

i5 7400 1060 3gb or ryzen 1400 rx 580 4gb

Which one is better for gaming
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  1. ryzen 1400 rx 580 4gb
    that 1 gb vram is crucial and CPU can perform similarly with 1400 overclocking.
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  2. I have to say they are pretty equal... I'm an Nvidia person, and I love the 1060 so that's what I would choose, but the 580 may have a slight edge

    According to Passmark the 1060 is more powerful
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  3. Nvidia and amd drivers use vram differently. Don't put too much into that metric.
    Both cards are in the same performance tier,.
    And... the GTX1060 will use some 150w less power.

    For gaming in the <$200 price bracket, I would look at the I3-8350K with an overclock.
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  4. Nvidia and AMD both have their merits and demerits.
    The 1060 3gb and 580 4gb are in the same price tier. 3gb vram won't be enough to max out eye candy in AAA games. So it's a plus for 580 4gb.

    But most games uses Nvidia game works like hair and explosion graphics. And also some light effects.

    Another icing on the cake for 580 is the availability of 144hz freesync monitors at the 200 bucks range. Consider the msi optix monitor. It's a great buy.
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  5. I have to disagree...I think 3gb is enough to get Max settings at 60 fps, except for the absolute most demanding games, in which you could turn some settings that would not be noticeable in the first place, and hit the 60 mark.
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  6. We got hitman, tc wildlands, ac origins and shadow of War requiring 3.x gb of vram for ultra. So it's not some games but most of the games.
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  7. I'm not disagreeing, but Nvidia has a very effective memory compressing algorithm with the 10 series... So that may be mitigated even more so. That said, 4gb of ram sometimes does come to the rescue for certain games. Ultra settings are usually not well optimised and some times can not be noticeable when you are speeding through a game. But to answer the posters question, neither is really a better option. They both are very similar, and while the 1060 is arguably faster, especially after factoring in the CPU... It may be bottlenecked by it's ram.
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