Error while booting computer after trying to overclock

When I try and boot up my PC I get a Bios POST error saying "the CPU core to Bus ratio or VID configuration has failed! Please enter bios setup and reconfigure it."

What does this error message mean?? I'm having a hard time figuring it out
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  1. Basically, it means your OC has failed. Enter the BIOS, load "optimized defaults" and start again OR lower your OC a step, if you've been going up in stages and the step before was stable.
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  2. Well I kinda figured it was cause the OC failed but I'd like to know why it failed and what I can do to fix it. I'll even type out like all my bios settings and what I have them set to if that be of any use
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  3. I also seem to have this problem that no matter what I overclock to the CPU ratio will eventually settle on x6 and stay there till I restart my pc
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