Will my 280W PSU damage my GPU?

Hi, I have a Gigabyte gtx 1050 ti which requires a 300W PSU, But I have a 280W PSU. Currently, everything is working fine. But, should I be worried? Will the PSU damage the GPU or any other part?
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  1. It requires 320W from the unit to be exact. I'm assuming you're dealing with a Dell OptiPlex SFF unit..if so, please stop. You could run the card for a short period of time. For long term piece of mind it's best you invest in a system that can accept an ATX PSU with at least 450W to it's disposal of reliable build quality.
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    Computer parts work or don't work, so just running it with that power supply won't hurt the card since it's working. The risk is more in the power supply eventually burning out. If you force the power supply to work too hard then it might suffer a component failure. That has the potential to damage parts of your computer. This is why people spend money on good power supplies, to avoid this problem.

    So at least think about upgrading that power supply some day in the future. Of course, that's assuming that model of computer even allows for power supply upgrades.
  3. My current setup is;
    i5-2500 3.3
    gigabyte gtx 1050 ti
    12 gb ddr3
    hp mother board
    2x120mm LED Fans
    Corsair carbide spec-01 casing
    280W PSU that came with the branded HP casing, motherboard.

    So, I guess ill upgrade it to 450W.
    Really thanks for the advice.
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