Best AIO Cooler With Clear Tubing That Won't Get a Cracked Res

I'm looking for an AIO for my Ryzen 5, and I wanted the aesthetics of clear tubing and being able to see the liquid, but I've noticed a lot of the clear reservoir get cracks after about 6 months. Does anybody have any AIOs with clear tubing? I'd like to know which are the best. If most of the clear tubing AIOs end up being trash, then I'll just have to get an H100i or something.
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  1. What's stopping you from building your own loop or better yet, investing in a kit with clear tubing? Acrylic over time will show signs of stress fractures which is why some have complained about it cracking. UV(and heat) exposure will further aid in it's demise.

    If you can't go for a DIY watercooling kit, then you're going to have to look at the AIO's by Coolermaster, NZXT, Corsair, Silverstone, Antec, Thermaltake or Deepcool.
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    Clear reservoirs shouldn't crack unless they are exposed to physical shock (dropped, hit, etc) or the coolant is alcohol based which reacts chemically.

    I would recommend Swiftech H220 or H240 X2, but they are being discontinued, I believe. They utilize clear tubing and perform very well...I've tested and own 1.
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  3. ^ Wait...are we talking about expandable watercooling units that are sold as AIO's?
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  4. I haven't seen any AIO's with clear tubing that I recall...maybe a very small handful, but most are sleeved since the coolant is mostly colorless and bland. There would not be any use in seeing the coolant.
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  5. Exactly!

    Deepcool's Captain series have a see through pump top/loop

    while they also bundled it with a case and a see through helix res

    but then again, you tamper with the tubing/res or anything and you void warranty.

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