Help with Seagate 4T backup drive with my MacBook Pro

Hello, new to the community, I bought a Seagate 4T back up drive because I am getting a new laptop at the end of the week and wiping this current one, I have adde files to my seagate a few days ago however today when I plugged it in and tried to add the rest of the files I had downloaded from the cloud to my laptop, it says it is a read only, I have tried changing the folders to shared and allowed all users, all permissions and still cannot get it to allow me to add anything else, it does not matter what file type it is, please help?

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  1. Are you switching back and forth between PCs and Mac computers? They prefer different file systems. Mac prefers a format called HFS+, while Windows prefers a format called NTFS. They aren't able to understand each-other's file format on their own, so they need the help of a driver to do so. We have a free one called Paragon you can try to see if it helps with this issue.
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