Mining GPU Driver Crashing

So this most likely is not a question but to share my experience and maybe learn from other comments. i got 3 1070, 1 1060 6gb.

problem is that nvidia drivers messed up. detects the other card. and others are gone. so i plug 1060 for a while. reinstall a win8.1 <- didnt work win7 <- didinot work (no usb 3), so i go back to windows 10. installed new driver nvidia 384.94 with 1 gpu plug first, then restart then plug the other one and wait to detect the second gpu. then restart, then plug the 3rd one then wait to detetect in device manager. take it some time. then restart again..

then Disabled windows auto update, and restrict device installation. search this on google. :D

So im happy its working within a few minutes it came back. GPU driver crashed again.

then i have a new PSU 750w then plug everything in there maybe my old psu is faulty.

then it work, then it crash. hahahaha

fortunately i hear a tick sound when the crash happends came from my AVR.
turned off pc
not sure but i pull off cable in there direct it to my extension wire. i was thinking it the watt is changing dramatically that the AVR regulates the certain power needed for that certain algo during computation. then it works.

to make things more solid. i plug my aircon in the same extension line of outlets where my pc is plugged, when i pull the cord of my aircon while running my GPU driver crashed. so eventually something to do with current going to my PC.

what i did. is have a separate cable for my mining rig."

by the way the 1060 is not yet plugged. out of risers.. hehehe ill try it plugged directly to the mobo with the 3 1070 attached with risers.
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  1. Mind sharing your full system's specs? If you're on the latest hardware but want to work with Windows 7 then this might be worth a read. Likewise if you're on a Skylake platform you can use this link to recreate your bootable usb installer.
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