Gigabyte aorus cooler

I was wondering if anyone here has used this cpu air cooler:

Gigabyte GP-ATC700 AORUS CPU Cooler

I am currently using the stock wraith cooler on my r7 1700, OC at 3.6 and it runs idle 45-53 and full load 74-75, 84 when streaming. I don’t really like going over 80. My question is, is this worth getting over water cooling? I’d rather not get a water cooler and have to buy an am4 bracket along with it. If this one isn’t the best, could you give me some suggestions? Also, even though I would like an air cooler I will go water if it’s more efficient. Thanks.
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  1. No, it's not the best one but it would be much better than original Wraith.
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  2. You idles seem very high...Personally I would go for a cheaper 240 AIO watercooler, anything from ID Cooling, NZXT, Corsair, Coolermaster, Deepcool etc... They always tend to do a good job relativly cheap for what you get. Installation is also fairly easy...I agree with Grandmaster on the Gigabyte Aorus cooler..My suggestion AIO, even a 120/140mm but 240mm would be better and can be used again when you upgrade, also will help with the overclock and maybe get you higher...though there are great air coolers as well, especially the Noctua line.
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