Please Help OC My Ram

I just bought Galax HOF 16 GB Bus 3600 but i can't boot it with XMP profile i can boot only 2666
my Spec is
I5 8600K @5Ghz
M/B Asrock Z370 Pro 4
VGA: 1080ti oc
Please tell me how can i use it with 3600 or 3200 bus.
Any Tips of setting will be appreciated
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  1. Have you updated the BIOS of the ASRock board? Intel isn't as picky as AMD for RAM compatibility, but there's still no guarantee unless the modules have been tested and appear on the QVL.

    1. Check the QVL*
    2. Update the BIOS
    3. Manually enter timings

    *If they're on the QVL, you may need a BIOS update to support them. If they're not on the QVL, a BIOS update may still assist with getting them stable at, or near the rated speeds.
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  2. It's Latest Bios and i didn't see QVL in Asrock website :(
    Can you please tell me about enter manually timings ?
    I'm new about overclocking
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  3. download cpu-z and look at the spd tab
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  4. It's now runing at 2666 i can't go pass 2666
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  5. issarapan_note said:
    It's now runing at 2666 i can't go pass 2666

    is that what cpu-z spd tab said? just 2666?
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    this is your memory so check spd it could run but your board is not on the support list
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  7. The memory you have isn't on the QVL:

    The majority of the kits tested @ 3600MHz use Samsung memory/B-Die, so there's hope..... but you'll likely have to manually enter/loosen timings a little.

    I haven't used a modern ASRock BIOS, so can't really help on "how" specifically. There's an option in your "Overclocking" menu (AI Tweaker for ASUS, probably another name for ASRock) - around where you enabled XMP (I assume) where you can manually enter timings.

    The stock timings for 3600MHz will be printed on the sticker on the modules, or on the retail packaging.
    They;'re also on the "spec" page that scout linked: 17-18-18-38

    They are compatible with at least two other ASRock boards (ASRock Z170 OC Formula & ASRock Z170M OC Formula) so there's definitely some hope. If I were to hazard a guess, you'd likely have success with manual timings and 3200Mhz or 3400Mhz. 3600MHz *may* be a bit of a stretch, but no harm in trying.
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