how to overclock my dell laptop

Its a dell i7 with amd radeon r7 m260 speed 2.60ghz
I am having problems playing games especially fifa 17. i installed a catalyst to help with the switching but still problem persist.
The game runs slow (lags) but after sometime it becomes worst.
Can overclocking help me out?? If yes how do i go about it??
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  1. you can , laptops are not designed to be overclocked, why the I7 you have is not a i7-xxxxK model
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  2. laptops does not have the proper cooling system results in high heat up of CPU and GPU which results in game lagging and all
    and you cant even overclock the CPU of Laptop they are factory locked
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  3. Okay so to what can i do to make the game run faster.
    Because other laptops eg. invidia geforce i3 with speed of 1.90 plays it just fine
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    The R7 M260 is a low-end graphics card which is below the minimum requirement for FIFA 17. If you want better performance then you can look into upgrading the card (assuming it's possible or worth the effort), otherwise you'll have to buy a new laptop.
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