Big FPS difference -> CPU overcloking

So recently i bought a Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 8GB and a FX 8350 4.0 and i thought i give it a shot to "Asus optimal mode" from bios on my motherboard (Asus M5A97 R2.0) and i have noticed a huge difference when doing that. I have a few exemples :
-Playerunknown Battlegrounds: at High settings from 45-60 (with drops to 30) at 60-70 (with almost no drops)
-Overwatch: from 90-115 to 110-140
-League of Legends: from 90-110 to 90-135 (this i don't understand why is so low but anyway)
-Destiny 2: i don;t have a fps monitor cause i heard that people got banned using 3rd party apps but from high and some medium settings (with places that i felt it went under 30) to highest and working perfect everywhere.
-Wolfenstien 2 The New Colossus and Nier Automata: again a 20-35 fps boost

Now, for my gpu i'm only using OC mode from Aorus app because it goes to 70 in load and the fans at 70% and i searched on google what the Asus optimal settings does and i found that it overclocks the CPU, i don't know if it does more then that.
Now my only doubt here, is this too good to be true? Am i doing something wrong? Or is it ok and i can enjoy the flawless high settings on every game?
And for the record, i have the Wraith Cooler that came with the CPU and the temps (30 in idle and when gaming somewhere from 56 to 60) are the same even when I use normal or Asus optimal(in the bios it says the target is 4.4 ghz when stock is 4.0 but when i checked on task manager i didn't see went past 3.9 when gaming and 1 point something in idle, maybe i missed something).

Full specs:
RX 580 Aorus 8GB
FX 8350 4.0
HyperX Blu 8GB (2X4) 1333mhz
M5A97 R2.0
Corsair CX 600
WD Caviar Black 1TB and WD Caviar Blue 1TB

P.S. I'm sorry that it seems i wrote a book but i wanted to give you guys all the details, thank you in advance!
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  1. What are you CPU ans memory speeds reporting as in CPU-Z?

    Task manager (I believe), will show you the "stock" speeds in the CPU firmware, not what it's actually running at.

    Auto-overclocking utilities will general OC both CPU and memory (some will do GPU) and, while not as ideal as 'manual' tuning - as the auto utilities generally over-volt a little - can still give you a nice boost.

    On older, less efficient/powerful hardware (like an 8350 and 1333MHz DDR3), some decent overclocks can definitely net you some solid performance gains.
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  2. Ok, you were right, it didn't show the actual clocks so i downloaded cpu-z and hw monitor and it says like this:
    The core clock varies from 1 point something to 4.334(cpu-z says the multiplier is 7-22) and the voltage from 0.945 when idle to 1.46 when in use , and again, the temps are the same with or withouth overclock.
    So, am i safe here or should i start manually overclok the CPU even if i don't get the same result because you said that the asus optimal overclocks cpu, ram and maybe gpu? And if yes, can i achieve 4.3 from 4.0 withouth raising the voltage?
    Edit: i forgot to check for memory speeds and i'm not home now but when i'll get back i will wrote thoes too
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