USB speeds dropping

For some reason whenever i plug any usb to my usb 2.0 ports the speed hits 10-12Mb/s and then keeps slowly dropping, right now it's at 3.07Mb/s
Tried formating-didn't work
Changed BIOS setting from HiSpeed to FullSpeed etc.
Any ideas?
Tested with 3 different usb's and it's the same
Tested it on my laptop and speed's are normal (10-35Mb/s)
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  1. What are you copying specifically?

    10-12 when transferring large(r) single files sounds reasonable.
    Dropping to 3-4 when moving multiple, small(er) files like MP3s or pictures etc, again, not unrealistic.

    Various factors; the drive(s) themselves, the controllers; the interface etc - giving you have "HiSpeed" or FullSpeed" options, that's going to be a ~8year old (or more) system..... Potentially with third party controllers, depending on the chipset.... so yeah, there's too many factors at play.

    Can you post your system spec, and the spec of the USB drive?
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  2. You can also turn off Quick removal for better performance, however you must be sure to eject the device.
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  3. Tried turning off quick removal-didn't work
    I'm trying to transfer a mixture od small and large files(1-3gb)
    CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q8200
    RAM: 4GB 800Mhz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8400GS
    MOBO: Asus P5Q PRO

    Dont really know much about my usb, only that it's 16GB's and that its normal speeds are ranging from 10-35Mb (sometimes it would hit 40-45 but rarely)
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    If you are transferring a bunch of small files then you will have slow speeds, get a sinle large file and see what the performance is, if its fast then that's just normal transferring at work, if its slow something is messed up.
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