Unable to access Toshiba external hard drive in Windows 10

I am unable to access my external Toshiba hard drive on my PC despite being able to do so for over a year. I note from Data Manager / Device Manager that the data is now changed to a RAW format instead of NTFS which I have read is related to a fault due to not stopping the drive correctly at some point ( can't recall doing so but its happened ). I can see the files when I have used a programme recommended elsewhere but repartitioning wasn't possible when attempted.

The drive does however work fine and I can access it on a Dell laptop using Win 10.

Any ideas on how to access the files ( mostly photos ) on the PC again ?
Many thanks.
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  1. You can access, read from, write to, the data files on the Dell but not on the Toshiba -- correct?
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  2. I could until this morning when the files changed to RAW on the Dell too !

    I now have the same problem on the Dell laptop ie I can see the drive listed in Device Manager under " Disk drives " and under Disk Management it is listed as Drive E but with RAW as the file type now and the disk is showing as empty of files ie disk space = 931.51 GB and free space = 931.51 GB. The drivers are up to date.
    I tried chkdsc via "Properties" but it tells me that "Windows can't access the disk".

    I managed to get some of the files off yesterday before it changed to RAW but not all of them.
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  3. I'm going to suggest MiniTool Partition Wizard version 9.x and MiniTool Power Data Recovery. However, I'm also suggesting you get with a local data recovery person and let that person guide you, walk you through, recovering what can be recovered. Hardware/software fix attempts might backfire at this point.
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