Samsung 850 EVO Gone Bad. Stick With Samsung SSD Or Go Elsewhere?

Got my new Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD last week. I run Windows 10. Samsung Magician cloned my drive, I installed the Samsung, several members here helped me switch to AHCI and all was great. For about 2 days. I turned on my computer and was getting a blue screen saying it could not find a boot device. The BIOS recognized the Samsung and it was the primary boot drive. I switch cables, switch SATA locations and still the blue screen. I popped my old Seagate back in and no problems, other than speed.
I formated, recloned my old disc as I did before, and got the same result. A day of no issues and then eventual blue screen.
The drive went back to Amazon.
My dilemma is do I trust another Samsung, or could it be possible this specific brand will not work in my system? I need to go with Crucial, Kingston etc.
I sure hope this makes sense. Thanks!
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  1. I've had a few 850 Pro's before(one of them is a 1TB I still have in my primary PC as my 'Steam' folder/drive). My Windows drive is a 960 Evo and haven't had any issues with it yet. Also, all of our work laptops have Samsung 850 256gb SSD's in them(around 300 or so) and we rarely ever have to replace one that's gone bad.
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  2. Thanks...could it be they just do not work in my system. It was great for a few days..then I could not boot from it?
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  3. It's possible you could have just gotten a bad one. The 1TB 850 Pro I'm still using was originally D.O.A. when I bought it(new). Got it exchanged & this one has been working fine for more then a year now.
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  4. That is what I was wondering. Occam's Razor. I actually ordered a Kingston drive today. Just to get some new mojo.
    Is it possible that powering down a computer overnight can actually change settings compared to restarting? After the SSD was working great in AHCI for several hours, I did shut down my system to put the tower cover back on. It booted fine.
    It was when the machine was off all night and I started the next day there was an issue. Thanks
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  5. As long as your CMOS battery is good, it shouldn't matter if it's powered off or restarted. You could even unplug the pc from the wall for extended periods and it will still remember your settings.
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  6. Did you do clean Windows installs with yours? I cloned my system and then went from IDE to AHCI. It worked...for awhile. Some posts say don't clone and switch. Others say you should be able to clone and swithc from IDE to AHCI without issue. I'm just confused and really don't want to do a clean install.
    I am just wondering if my old drive, which was the master drive, and set to IDE, set something off when I reconnected it?
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  7. lamf77 said:
    Thanks...could it be they just do not work in my system. It was great for a few days..then I could not boot from it?

    I have exactly the same problem. Works good a couple of day, then boot to the bios, sees it but won't boot on it. Replace my old WD Black in and it boots perfectly. Reformat low level the SSD , re-install Win 7 on it, works good 2 days and again won't boot. I have an Asus Z87C with 8Gb RAM. I reformat the SSD low-level for the 3rd time and it gives me errors on it.... I now will try a migration from my WD to the SSD but with the errors, I'm noit sure it's a good idea. ???
    I don't think the battery could be an issue since it works well with an HD. I made a clean install on a HD with some programs installed, all the updates made and that's the version I intend to migrate on the SSD (EVO 500Gb)
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