Is it worth ugrading to SSD?

My Specs:

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU AMD FX-4100 32nm Technology
RAM8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
MSI 760GM-P34(FX) (MS-7641) Sata 2 (speed limit of 3Gbps)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Would it be beneficial, or would it just be a waste of money to add an SSD to my PC and could I even do that?
SSD which I was considering to purchase is
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 520MB/s Internal Solid State Drive.

Also if it is possible, should i get the SATA controller?
Any help is appreciated.
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    Installing your operating system, and key games/apps, to a SSD would provide a marked increase in start-up time and responsiveness (like loading of maps, etc). This would be true, even at SATA 2 speeds when comparing SSDs and HDDs.

    Many users use a SSD as the primary storage device (for the OS and the apps one wants max performance from) and a secondary HDD for docs, pictures, videos, and apps where max speed is not really a factor.

    Honestly, I wouldn't, in your situation, add a SATA 3 controller. I don't think you would notice much of a difference from a normal use perspective.
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  2. An SSD would be nice upgrade for that system, boot times would go way down and the OS will fell snappier etc.

    No, you don't need to buy an SATA controller, you won't see the difference in SATA 2 and 3 in day to day use.

    Added a SANDisk 240 GB SSD to my 1st Gen i7 870 machine awhile back and it really made a large difference.
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  3. Thank you guys for your replies.
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  4. You are welcome. Have fun!
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