8700K & Zotac 1080 Ti - overclocked

Hi Guys,

Never really needed to look into to power supplies before as I have never had top of the range rig before, Heres my rig specs

Gigabyte Gamer 5 Z370
Intel 8700K - 5.0ghz
Cooler Master - Master Air ( 2x140mm)
Zotac Amp extreme 1080 TI 2027mhz
Memory 3200mhz
1x M.2 drive
2x SSD drive
3x 120 fans
2x 140 fan

And lastly my powersupply is a Cooler Master -
650W RS650-AMAAB1-UK G650M

Right the computer plays and run games but I do get the occasional odd behavior during games such as fps drops and the occasional game crash, but Like i say I have never really thought about the powersupply and could this have an effect to the performance? and can someone just tell me straight of the bat nope its the power supply for sure.

thanks for your times guys

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  1. 650W should have some room for OC on both proc and gpu.
    That CM's PSU is also not bad....not among the best tho'.
    How much room, I dunno.

    if you have tons crashes, you can try to ditch the OC first.
    Let everything runs on default settings.
    If you still see crashes, your OC is not stable.

    Game crash is not always on the fault of your PC, that is perhaps simply sh*tt*.

    FPS drops?
    Have you set everything to performance and not to power saving? e.g. via nVidia control panels and Windows energy management.
    FPS drops can also simply caused by sh*tt* games.
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  2. Thanks for the reply Guanyu, That's a piece of mind regarding the powersupply ... I am one of those people if i noticing something that doesn't seem to be performing well it bugs the hell out of me and i just go spending.

    Just bought the card a few days ago and was running rise of the tomb raider for e.g on my 4k tv and its not performing that great on very high and i say this because i have seen some bench marks with the same card and other lower end components and they are getting high fps and on mine it feels a lot lower.

    I have been in the computer industry for about 15 years and have checked all the basic settings such as power on nvidia settings.

    Perhaps I was expecting a lot more from the Ti and automatically assumed something is under performing
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  3. 4k? hmmm....some frame drops should be normal here. 4k is not yet the best thing for gaming, GTX1080Ti is considered as minimum, yet, it is already at the top.
    I dunno about 4k for Tomb Raider tho'.

    The crashes should take more of your attention.

    About the PSU,
    According to my rough calculation, your PC should need about 550-600W on full load. This leaves only about around max 100W for spare room e.g. for OC.
    It depends on how high your OC is and how the power consumption from the OC is...perhaps it is tight or not enough...
    Yes, there is also a possibility that your PSU is not enough.
    The just simply have to turn off the OC.
    I think you probably already know this.

    You might wanna monitor the temps on proc and gpu too.
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  4. Yea I totally agree regarding the crashes, I would say it's more fps drops on multiple games rather than crashes (Which still do happen)

    With your calculation does it account for having the following GPU settings - power limit 100% with the core voltage set to the highest also?
    See the link below for my GPU overclocks - Might be doing the overclock totally wrong .... I wouldn't be getting bottlenecks would I ?

    also this might help with some of the settings i have not stated

    Kind regards


    PS will check the system without the overclocks later after work
    thanks for your time Guan
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  5. GTX1080Ti is not running on 2027mhz by default. The Oc is quite high there.
    btw, that Zotac is factory OCed.
    It should consumes more power than normal GTX1080Ti, which I used for rough estimation.
    The card consumes even more, especially if you OCed it yourself higher.
    There is no wrong OC, since every graphic chip is unique. Some can go high and stable some can not....same for cpu, as always...

    ah...your 3dmark score is quite good...but if it is not stable, it is useless.
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  6. Yea sorry, idle its roughly 1607 then kicks up to 2020 when on load same with the memory at 6100.

    I did just use a power supply calculator but got stumped at the "overvoltage" part on the calculator is that meaning the core voltage on msi afterburner? if so that is at like 100% along with powerlimit ... and the PSU calculator said i am using about 900+watts? this is a new area too me so tell me shut up whenever lol.

    I was using -

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  7. Cooler Master -
    650W bro i recommend you to put 750w EVGA G2 if you doing OC
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  8. that is poor PSU for that system overclocked you need tier 1 at least tier 2 PSU with more power so go for the EVGA 750 G2 definitely
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  9. i have RM1000i PSU with my 8700k bcs im doing for custom loop etc but 750 for you is enough if is tier 1
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  10. jadc007 said:
    Yea sorry, idle its roughly 1607 then kicks up to 2020 when on load same with the memory at 6100.

    I did just use a power supply calculator but got stumped at the "overvoltage" part on the calculator is that meaning the core voltage on msi afterburner? if so that is at like 100% along with powerlimit ... and the PSU calculator said i am using about 900+watts? this is a new area too me so tell me shut up whenever lol.

    I was using -


    Your current PSU should be able only to handle everything on default speed, no OC...just like my rough estimation..

    hmmm...even with OC
    No, it will not take that much.
    If the PSU is from a really good one (Tier 1), 750-850W should be already sufficient.
    The calculator is already adding some safety factor and told you 900+....but it does not have to be that much...
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  11. You know what guys, really appreciate the help, especially you Guan but the PSU is nearly about 3 years old and I will have some cash this month, I might just go ahead and buy a 750 or even 850 for future upgrades if any.

    I know power has suggested the EVGA can I have some recommendations from you also? and would 850w be plenty even with the overclocks im doing ?

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  12. Best answer
    Go check the Tier list first before buying anything.
    Basically the link posted by Power94
    Buy if possible Tier 1, it does not really matter if the PSU has bronze, gold or silver efficiency. (I think there should be 1 bronze PSU on Tier 1)
    The PSU is really good, if it is on the Tier 1 list.
    If the cost is really troubling you, you can go for Tier 2 but do not go lower than Tier 2, if you want a reliable PSU.
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  13. Hi guys, just tried to bench mark it on firestrike and i am getting really bad results worse from when I had the asus 1080. It's not an over heat problem as it never rarely gets above 65c. I have tried a reformat and even without overclock.

    I have tried everything even down to the power state of card putting it on max power nvidia and windows.

    could it really be the PSU ?
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  14. Is there a way to borrow a good PSU with the needed juice? I dunno from friends, etc.
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  15. Hey Guan, ended up buying a Corsair HX1200i which is arriving tomorrow ... so time will soon tell, plus also at least its future proof if i want to Sli right ?

    it has an option for single rail or multi rail ..which one do i choose? never had one of these psu's before

    thanks in advance

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  16. 1200W is more than plenty for SLI....probably a slight overkill...overkill is ok...well perhaps not with your pocket...hehehehe
    Multi rail is better but PSUs like this are more expensive.
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  17. hehe! sorry to sound stupid, can you tell me the benefits of having on multi rail compared to single rail with my rig ?

    Just getting fed up with the computer, gaming last night and within 10-15mins the performance and Fps slowly went down to become unplayable and that is with temps at 55c and no overclock - Never happened with the 1080 I had. I am not getting my hopes up the psu is the issue but i am hoping it might be if not will do another reformat from scratch and maybe RMA the card as a last result.
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  18. After falling asleep at my computer chair this morning trying to get my head around this issue and of course installing the new psu, I think I may of sussed it. Will confirm again tomorrow as I am having a gaming session today from PUBG to battlefield 1.

    I did a bench mark on tomb raider last night and was 118fps max and comparing them to other peoples results with lower end hardware and they were getting better performance than me and that really put me over the edge.

    So this morning I installed an extra cable from the PSU to the graphics card (So 2x 8pin cables rather than 1x and split powering) and did a bench mark this morning on tomb raider and I got 248fps ... whether its a coincidence or could it be the multi rail support I have put my self in now? like I say before i have no clue regarding PSU's performances.

    will get back again to help others with a issue like this.

    Edit - Also downgraded my bios to F3 as apparently some people where getting issues with fps drops on the F4 beta at the time.

    Just did a firestrike test with this new cable setup and got 25510 my highest firestrike score yet.
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  19. With multi rail, the power stability is better than on single rail.
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