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Hello I would like to buy a computer that I would like to be good at games like minecraft CS:GO GTA 5 and Battlegrounds. I would like to be able to make videos with 1080p and 60fps. The budget is up to 1000$ (along with windows and screen)
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  1. Do you want a pre built or do you want to build it yourself?
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  2. I want to build it alone
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    SuperDennisJr said:
    I want to build it alone

    Ok, building a PC at that price with windows and monitor might be a little more difficult, but lets see what I can come up with

    This setup will run over 60 frames on high settings on most games, there is a few high instensive spots in doom or witcher 3, but over all it should be a solid build, I set you up with a gtx 1060 6 GB, it is a mini so you won't be able to overclock as much but it will still give good preformance, there is no SSD because they are usually more expensive and I don't like using computers with less than a TB for gaming, the monitor was the cheapest 1080p 60 hz I could find, but It was difficult to build this within the $800 budget (without the monitor and windows) you will need to go buy a am4 bracket from cooler master for the cooler master hyper 212 evo
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