Prep for build: Can I leave components sitting?

So I've been preparing for my first build. I got most of my parts in and unboxed many of them just to make sure I got everything I ordered. I have plenty of desk space to work with (It is a wooden desk, not a metal one.) Considering there is a very minor amount of dust floating around, is it ok to leave the components sitting on the desk? Should I use some of the bubble wrap to cover it?

Thanks in advance.
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    Leave it out unless there are kids or cats around.
    As a matter of course, I assemble a pc outside of the case for testing first.
  2. Thanks for the advice!
  3. you can place them in the case if you need to wait for a long time. Several days is fine for them to stay on the desk.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I guess I’ll leave them out for this week (the last of my parts comes in by the end of the week)
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