8700k overclock. 100.5Mhz bus speed when i set 100Mhz in Bios

So i have an 8700k paired with Msi godlike gaming MB.
setting x50 in bios with a base of 100Mhz.
XMP activated with G.skill 3200Mhz 32GB
Noctua Nh-d14 cooler

Stil when i boot into windows it's set to 100.5, this is causing more volt hungry CPU.
Got it stable with the current settings with 1.320 cpu volt. But it causes a decent ammount of heat.
BUT, when i managed to use the windows based OC program to set it to 100Mhz, it got stable atleast 1.290 volt. But i can't seem to lock it at 100Mhz, tried to uninstall every OC based programs. Updated BIOS on my motherboard.
Everything i've tried hasn't worked and everytime i enter windows it's set to 100.5
Also tried to disable XMP.
It just won't stay locked at 100mhz for some reason.
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  1. Lower it to 99Mhz it should be 99.5Mhz.

    There are always some fluctuation btw.
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  2. that just made stuff crash. and if i set 100.5 manually in bios that also causes a crash. but the few seconds i was in windows. it was running at x99.00 same when i booted with 99.5. it's when i set 100.00 it fucks up. but atleast it boots normal and is stable tho.
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    Boards just do that. the 100 MHz is the frequency aimed for. My Z77 for example runs at 100.08 MHz BCLK (unless I move it to either 99.8 or 100.16 MHz) and I've heard of quite some MSI boards that do slightly less than plain 100 MHz.
    Your board differs by0.5% difference, which is surprisingly inside the range for "spread spectrum" which was implemented years ago (I've seen Pentium 4's having it) to soften EM emmisions coming from modern computers.
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  4. Yeah thats then motherboard fluctuation its normal as i see on reviews and etc.For example mine is 99.99.
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  5. cool cool, i'll just have to have that extra bus clock then :) thnx for answers guys
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