I3-7350k - Max 4.5GHz...? Did I just get a bad chip, or did I do something wrong?

Specs :

Gigabyte GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5
Corsair Vengeance 3200 DDR4 RAM
Big Shuriken 2 Cooler
Silverstone GD05 HTPC case
Corsair RM550x power supply
3 x Be Quiet! 120mm fans (sides, intake), 2 x Be Quiet! 80mm fans (back, exhaust)

I just got this i3-7350k, used. Previous owner said he reached 4.6GHz without touching voltage, on his ASRock Z270 Pro4 mobo. (He bought it as a prebuilt from Canada Computers, which is similar to NCIX or other brick-and-mortar computer stores.)

However, when I tried it in my setup, I needed to start increasing voltage as soon as I got to 4.4GHz - 1.28 seemed to give a decently stable overclock after 10 minutes or so of Prime95. Then, even after increasing voltage to 1.32, 4.5 just wasn't stable. I stopped after that, and just went back to stock (didn't seem worth the additional voltage for just 0.2GHz).

Was really hoping to get one of those chips that gets 4.6-4.7 on stock voltage, as my cooling is kinda limited given my setup (just want a snappy HTPC - and a little fun...=))...that's why the 7350k is a perfect chip for me, despite all the hate it's gotten (and I understand why). But this particular chip just doesn't seem to want to go at all. So my question, as per title :

Did I do something wrong? Did I forget something? Is there something else I can try? Or did I just get really bad luck in the silicon lottery? Seems to me that, based on what other reviewers have said, I shouldn't have to pump that much voltage to reach such marginal improvements. Chip was reaching 80 deg C under load at 4.5/1.32, and 80 was kind of my psychological limit. Based on my use case, I'd never even come close to stressing the computer that much, but still, I want to make sure it's stable if I have to.

When I had it overclocked, I did turn off the usual Speed Shift, sleep states, etc. (I followed the Gigabyte overclocking guide found on Joomag.) I also turned on the voltage optimization to the max (Turbo, I think Gigabyte calls it), which did seem to help stability.

Oh, and for reference, the 7350K replaced an i5-7500, and that chip never exceeded 70 deg under load - in fact, was usually around low 60's - so my cooling, while not tower-case level, is still more than sufficient for most cases.
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