Blue screen with any overclock

Psu - cx750m
Mobo- GA-970A-DS3P-FX (I know the version with the fx on the end is a little rare -
Cpu - fx8350
CPU cooler is some sort of raijintex air cooler
Gpu strix 1060 (6gb)
Ram - corsair vengeance 1866 (2x 8gb)
Window 10 64
Case has 5 good fans set up well

My questions
- What sort of oc can I achieve that will be safe and stable? (seems like 4.8 on air is okay)
- Can my issue be solved?

I decided to have a go at overclocking, I am new to overclockimg so I did a little research and had a go. With no overclock I can run prime 95 and not get a cpu temp over 44c so I thought I would be safe to push the cpu up a little. It seems what ever I do gives a blue screen though, I turned cool and quiet and boost off then pushed up to 4.3 (I tried on multipler and base clock) I also tried to use amd overdrive instead of bios with the same results, it either blue screens before windows opens or shortly after as soon as I try run any programs. I didn't touch any voltage settings at all as forums and videos said with small overclock I wouldn't need to alter it. I'm sure there's just a setting I'm missing somewhere, I can provide any more information if needed. Is someone could clarify what needs to be set in the advanced frequency settings that would help a lot I think I set them right but maybe something there is wrong. Thanks in advance
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  1. Use multiplier only, FSB/BCLK also overclocks RAM and PCIe and that can cause problems.
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  2. Thanks @countmike, still get the same issue though, even on 4.1 with boost turned off I get a blue screen.
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  3. Still need help on this
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  4. Upping your Vcore should solve your problem :)
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