Would really like some help OC'ing

i7 4790k
Z97X Gaming 5 MOBO
8 Gigs Fury X RAM
Phanteks Cpu cooler
Geforce GTX 980

IJust wanna over clock a little, and not quite sure how what what to change the clock speed to.
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  1. What exactly do you want to overclock? CPU? GPU? Both?

    Every piece of hardware will allow for different OC settings. So even some one with the exact same setup as you, can't tell you what will be stable for your own system. (depends on quality of the equipment, aka lotto).

    Best I can recommend is to start with something like MSI Afterburner and google some videos on it. Start slow, only make small changes at a time and then test with benchmarks to make sure its stable. Then repeat the cycle.

    Once you get that down you can move to CPU OCing. (you could try using XMP profiles as well, boost memory OC and does a minimal CPU OC as well, just a idea)
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