I need your help to buy a pc that i will not regret

So i need to buy a good pc that will play all games (also upcoming) at 60 fps medium to high resolution. So i want you to tell me things that i have to pick that are the best and at a good price.
First i will tell you what GPU, CPU, SSD, MotherBoard, Monitor, RAM, Cooler, PSU...

GPU: An rx 580 (feel free to recommend a specific one)

CPU: Amd ryzen 1600x

SSD: Samsung 850 250gb 2.5" or a M.2 SSD Samsung 960

MotherBoard: Asrock ab350 fatality gaming k4

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2×4 GB DDR4 3000MHz (i actually bought it and in the front of the package it said supports intel core 7 and intel core and i dont know if it is compatible with my parts please let me know if it is.)

Monitor: Iiyama G-Master G2530HSU-B1 (might not be in your country i dont know)

Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper tx3 evo

Now psu i found a lot and i want the best for the money and a lot of protections at under 90€/$/£
Here some i found (Feel free to tell me what is the best of all of them)
EVGA 750 BQ Power Supply (EU)
EVGA 700B Bronze (K2)
EVGA 750 B3
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2 (V2)
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2
EVGA 750 BQ Power Supply
EVGA 700B Bronze (K3)
The psu's i listed are all different in my store.

Any help is appreciated and i thank you for helping me.
Have a nice day!!!!
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  1. well this might turn into a bit of a discussion. But your spending is all over the place. If this 60FPS you are trying to achieve is on a 1080p monitor, then I don't see you having issues (which i think it is from what i saw in google search).

    CPU: Aim for Ryzen 1600 (forget the 1600x, it's nearly the same chip, but clocked a little higher --- although the 1600x is more of a "cherry picked" CPU)
    Ram: you need at least 16GB to have a good experience. swap stuff around get 2x8gb - 3000mhz ram sticks. this should generally be easy to arrange with vendor as long as you did not OPEN the package. If all else fails.. and you have no choice but to keep it... you might want to pick up extra 2x4gb rams.
    Motherboard: You picked out a decent mobo, you could definetly go cheaper though
    Hard Drive: a standard 2.5" SSD will do, Samsungs are great, but 250gb is not gonna get you far, try aim 480~520GB mark if possible
    CPU cooler: there are many other CPU coolers, which are cheaper that would suffice. this TX3 is pretty ugly.. lol
    PSU: you can come down to 550-650W psu, you don't need all that wattage. out of your list... EVGA xxxB series or the Supernova 2 and up series would be the better ones. Have a look maybe you can find some Seasonic ones, most of those are good, but still need double check.

    GPU: well that would be really a choice of 3, MSI Gaming, Gigabyte (i think also) Gaming, Asus Dual --- 8GB if possible. Or if you have a little more to put into this, you could reach for the XFX XXX Edition.
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  2. So i am going for the 1600x because i dont really want to overclock it i am ok with how much it costs.
    For ssd i went with 250gb (maybe put windows in it and other things i use often) and 1tb for storage
    With ram i will buy another 2x4gb sticks later. But i dont know if those i already bought are compatible and the bad thing is that i cant return it so please if you know tell if it compatible.
    For the gpu i will keep an eye on the prices.
    For psu i thought i might add one more gpu for croosfire in the future so i dont have to buy a new psu (i checked for how much watt my pc needs and it is around 430 but as i said i might add some things).
    I didnt understand the first thing you said about what you saw on google if i can achieve it or not please let me know
    And how is the monitor looking? Any other suggestions at 160 and lower?
    And tell me if the ram i have is compatible.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. I am pretty sure RAM will work.
    Also, everything gussrtk said is true.
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  4. Salerhino yes i agree he is true

    Also guys could you put some gaming headset for under 25 and not easily breakable. (i mean the cable) and good quality on everything.

    Ps tell me multiple headset because i might not have it in my country
    Thanks again
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  5. p.petridis12345 said:
    Salerhino yes i agree he is true

    Also guys could you put some gaming headset for under 25 and not easily breakable. (i mean the cable) and good quality on everything.

    Ps tell me multiple headset because i might not have it in my country
    Thanks again

    I am sorry to say but it will be hard to find quality headset for under 25$ (or even euros).
    I have some cheap 10$ ones and they serve me well but they are low quality.
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  6. honestly, at 1080p gaming, there is no reason to opt for Crossfire setup. And by the time you get to CF time, your PC may be too slow to handle new monitor with new games. As far as suggesting another monitor, it's difficult to know which to suggest because of your location. it's best you look for some deals and grab something at a discount. Amazon should have some options for you there I assume.

    The first thing that I said was just about your monitor resolution. iiyama G-MASTER Black Hawk G2530HSU-B1 is 1920*1080 resolution. This resolution is rather standard and RX580/GTX1060 achieve great results on them, having anything more powerful doesn't give you any better results on that monitor (like crossfire 580).
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  7. Salerhino yes i mean the best quality for the headset that might be enough for gaming that will sound ok and that will no be easily breakable for the price (to have them for 1 to 2 to3 years)
    And for the microphone i dont really care.
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  8. gussrtk i dont really shop from amazon because it has high cost for shipping in my country. We have a site where it puts the lowest costs of things and this is where i buy.
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  9. Also is a shapire radeon rx 580 8gb good? Or should i go with gigabyte
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  10. I personally have a sapphire rx470 nitro+ on my MMO/simulator PC, and I'm pretty happy, it looks same like rx5xx... Lol... So that being said... I think both of the cards that you are looking at are on the same tier level, as well as they are clocked the same. But I'm not sure which ones exactly you are comparing. You should check the features both give and warranty.

    I think the Sapphire looks better, but both cards are pretty good. Maybe comes down to price/warranty for you. Oooh, and there's Sapphire pulse, which is not as feature loaded as nitro but doesn't mean you need those, it's a little Lower clocked than the nitro and slightly louder.
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  11. I am talking about shappire radeon rx580 8gb nitro+
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  12. Best answer
    That's a great card. Take the Sapphire
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