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Hi! I just need an opinion on how am I going to upgrade my computer to play heavy games like outlast, dying light, ang GTA V?
Im using AMD A4, 4gb ram, 1gb 64bit GPU. thanks. I really want to know how to upgrade PC's
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  1. 1) Which CPU do you have (A4 is a series)?
    2) What mobo do you have at the moment?
    3) What budget do you have?
    4) What monitor are you using?
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  2. That is pretty weak. If anything, the best way to go is a complete overhaul. If you want an ultra lowbudget, pick up 8 gigs of RAM, and a 1050Ti. It will be a poor experience however.

    Do you have a budget? It may be possible to build a new system within a decent budget.
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