Mecha-membrane vs Cheap mechanical keyboard

So im planing to buy a Mech. Keyboard and im really interested in it it either gonna be the K55 or a 30-40$ mech. Keyboard

Please dont say "Uh get the k55 cuz of the macros multimedia blah blah" i am completely aware of that and i actually dont use macros nor media keys.

So my question in summary is:
Expensive mecha-membrane or 30$ mechanical
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  1. For Gaming or just regular typing?
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  2. sandy1995 said:
    For Gaming or just regular typing?

    Both since i play cs and also code from time to time
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  3. Mechanical keyboard FTW!
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    Membrane always has that sponge like feel to it, mechanical doesn't.
    I'd get mechanical over membrane every time.
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