Amd APU overheating because of Nvidia Graphics Card?

Changed the integrated graphics of my APU(A10-7860k) to an Nvidia Gt 1030. Now my processor is overheating. Any solutions?
(With the integrated from the APU the processors average temp. is 20-30. With the Nvidia is 70-80° C)
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    Faulty/defective Nvidia perhaps.

    Pull the Nvidia GT 10130 and see if temperatures go back to normal.

    Run Task Manager and Resource Monitor to look for some app or process grabbing CPU/processor cycles.

    Test and observe each of but only one at a time. Look for differences via the tools.
  2. No way in hell something like that's happening unless your computer has so little internal airflow that 99% of the heat from the GT 1030 is being sucked in by your CPU cooler.
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