Hand-Me-Down Components. No boot/beeps. Fans spin

This summer I received a motherboard/cpu/ram/graphics card from a friend who was upgrading their build. This was my first rig so I bought the remaining necessary components. I had occasional problems with the computer not posting but once it got running it usually had no trouble starting back up unless I left it untouched for too many days. When it doesn't boot, it powers on most mobo lights (except the cpu/nb/sb monitors) and the fans spin but there is no beep from the system speaker. A few days ago it went completely dead and I haven't gotten it to start up at all. I have worked through the "no post guide" and currently have it breadboarded according to jsc's guide so it is just mobo, cpu, psu, and hsf connected out of the case and still have no luck booting. I don't currently have access to a multimeter to test the psu, but I was wondering if there was an easy way to test the mobo or cpu as they are the old components in the scenario.

CPU: AMD Phenom II
Mobo: Asus Cosshair III Formula
PSU: EVGA SuperNova G3 650W
HSF: Noctua U14S

Update: I was able to borrow a multimeter from a friend to test the PSU. All voltages were normal including the power good. I am assuming from this that either the motherboard and/or the cpu is dead.
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  1. So I bit the bullet and upgraded the CPU, motherboard, and RAM. Everything works great now, so I assume I was correct that the problem was with either the motherboard or CPU
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