Building new pc for next month, or should i wait for volta?

New pc specs

Gtx 1060 6gb
Ryzen 5 1600
Gskill 8gb ddr4 dual channel
Asrock a320m am4
Infinity 450w bronze

Or should i wait volta for the next year?

I heard rumors volta will released on january/february
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  1. Volta will most likely release overpriced without amd to compete
    also nvidia will most likely release the volta 80 and 70 cards first with the 60 (thats the value option) will release at a later date maybe even in summer?

    I would say your power supply is questionable i wouldnt buy that but suit yourself xP
    Your gpu is golden nothing better to buy for that build
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  2. for 1080p gaming.. your current list will last years before you want to upgrade.
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Gtx G.SKILL Dual Channel ASrock DDR4