New desktop (MSI Z170A Gaming 5) won't post, shows various debug codes

I just built my new system today, and it won't post. The debug led on the motherboard showed 49, so I reseated the RAM, then it showed 35, and after another power cycle it shows 50/51. What is going on? Do I have a faulty component somewhere, or did I make a mistake in the construction?
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  1. If using a Kaby CPU, then the board needs a BIOS update for supporting it.
  2. Processor is a skylake specifically to avoid the BIOS flash
  3. Then try leaving single RAM module installed. Test each RAM slot.
  4. Go here:
    Work through the list. WORK!, not just read!
    If you still have issues, come back here with the results of EACH step in the list. Since we can neither see nor touch your PC, the results give us valuable data that allows us to eliminate possible problems and common errors and give you a reasoned diagnosis. Help us to help you!
  5. 1. I carefully read the manual.

    2. I connected the 8pin power

    3. I installed standoff

    4. I fully seated the video card

    5. I confirmed all power to video card is attached and fully seated

    6. I have tried booting with RAM in all possible configurations: stick a in slot 2/stick b in slot 4, a4/b2, a1/b3, a3/b1, a1, a2, a3, a4, b1, b2, b3, b4

    7. Memory is fully seated

    8. Confirmed in manual and on mobo that I'm using the correct memory slots.

    9. Plastic CPU guard is removed

    10. CPU is installed correctly

    11 & 12. I'm not ready to take the CPU apart right now

    13. CPU fan is plugged in

    14. Used an aftermarket cooler, but all protective covers were removed

    15. No loose screws (shake test) and no wires under mini (installed before running any wires)

    16. Static was discharged

    17. No audio system installed

    18. Confirmed LED pins were correct, removed reset switch

    19. Power plug/switch oriented properly

    20. CPU is compatible with bios (i7-6700k)

    21. No post, so no BIOS

    22. Already using integrated video

    23. All cables/ components properly seated

    24. Removed video card to check, still no post. Removed SSD and it posted. Got to BIOS menu and changed settings. Reconnected SAD and installing Windows now. Real test is if the system works after reinstalling video card!
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