Connect esata to non esata box


I have a 4 HD Addonics Tower with an esata port and it was connected to an Addonics esata multiplex card in another box (Dell T7500) where it worked and still works fine.

I now want to connect it to a Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF box which does not have an esata port.

I have inserted the Port Multiplier card into rthe Dell 9020 but Win 10 1709 does not even see it so it is not in DEv Mgr.

Addonics now tell me it is a PCI-E 2 card while Dell tells me the PCI-E Bus on the 9020 os PCI-E 3.

So I guess that is why it doesn't work.

Now am I right to suggest that if I get a port Multiplier card that is PCI-E 3 then it should work?

What is the best way to go about this please?


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